D Brown Memorial Library Rosebud, Texas

Internet Policies

General Internet Policy
  • All public computers close at 5:00 pm daily.
  • ALL public computer and Wi-Fi users must sign in and provide current valid identification (i.e. Driver’s License).
  • Due to possibility of exposure to young users, all users must limit computer use to online sites free from explicit language, explicit pictures, illegal drug use, or graphic violence.
  • Downloading from the internet and uploading from personal devices are not permitted except with approval from library staff.
  • Library staff will assist patrons with general computer operation and printing. For protection of patron, library staff will observe minimal exposure to patron personal information while assisting.
  • Patrons with cough or other contagious conditions are asked to refrain from using public computers while in contagious state.  


Computer Internet Use for Child/Youth (1-17 years of age):
  • Users 1-10 years of age must be accompanied by adult over 18.
  • Users 11-17 years of age must provide a signed parent/guardian permission form that will remain on file at the library.
  • Users are limited to timed sessions at the public computers. One hour is permitted on non-school days and ½ hour on school days.
  • Only one child/youth user per computer is permitted.
  • Facebook, Instagram & other social media are not permitted.
  • YouTube is permitted for viewing sports or educational content ONLY.
  • Online games permitted by library staff approval only.
  • Mobile devices not permitted for users under 18 years of age.