D Brown Memorial Library Rosebud, Texas


D Brown Memorial Library provides the following services: copy, fax, scan, internet access on public computers and WiFi access within the library only.
  • Print, Copy, and Fax

    D Brown Library provides printing, copying, and faxing services. Each of these services costs $0.25 per page for black-and-white or $0.50 per page for color (cash only, no bills over $5). Documents may be scanned to a computer or flash drive for no cost. If you would like to receive a fax at the library library, you must call us beforehand. You must pick up and pay for the fax papers the day we receive it.

  • Internet Services

    Services We Provide

    Thanks to the Williams Foundation, the library now has six brand new adult computers! Additionally, we have two youth computers and two child computers available. All computers have the Microsoft Office Suite downloaded (including Excel and Word).

    We also have free Wi-Fi accessible on any mobile device, tablet, or laptop. You must be within the library building to utilize the Wi-Fi.

    Our staff is readily available to help with any technological issues, so don't hesitate to ask! Our computers are shut down at 5 p.m. daily. 

    Who Can Use Our Internet Services?

    Any adult with a valid I.D. may use our computers or Wi-Fi for up to two hours. Extensions may be granted if you are working on schoolwork, job applications, or something similar. Children and youth under 18 may use a computer for up to 30 minutes, and a parent or guardian must sign an internet permission form the first time they come. All patrons must follow our internet policies, which can be found here. Failure to follow this policy will result in restricted or blocked access to our internet services.