D Brown Memorial Library Rosebud, Texas



The D Brown Memorial Library began with the Wednesday Study Club of Rosebud, organized on October 11, 1929. A large library housing many books was a wonderful but seemingly unattainable dream at the time. Nevertheless, the women were determined to make books available to the people of Rosebud.

A shelf in the school building was the beginning, and soon the club had collected enough books to move to a small place on Main Street. Members of the club took turns keeping the library open, and a county lending library helped by bringing books weekly. Next, it became possible to get W.P.A money to pay a librarian if the club had a certain number of books. Mrs. J.R. Glass interested Dr. John Rush Powell of St. Louis, Missouri in the project, and he began to donate books from his own library. Soon, the library found a home in the northeast upper room of Rosebud City Hall. 

Across the street from City Hall was an old three room building belonging to the city. It provided more space without having to climb stairs. Club members scrubbed windows and floors, papered the walls, made curtains, and brightened the space with paint. For several years, this space was the library. 


In 1948, Mr. C.F. Brown became interested in the library dream. His wife, Mary D Brown, had been a charter member of the Wednesday Study Club and a devotee of good literature. In her memory, he decided to give a beautiful library building.

In June 1949, the building was presented to the people of Rosebud and the deed given to Mrs. H.P. Linn, the President of the Wednesday Study Club. Mr. Brown stated that the Wednesday Study Club would govern the use of the building, but "the deed is made to the City of Rosebud for the benefit of the citizens, both young and old, who live in the territory." The building was named D Brown Memorial Library in her honor, and remains so to this day. 


In 2009, the D Brown Memorial Library was incorporated as a public library and a department of the city. The Wednesday Study Club continues to support the library, helping us to provide quality services to the entirety of Falls County.